Cabinets are the most essential elements of any kitchen or bathroom.

Having enough storage space is very important in our daily routines but finding the perfect cabinet design goes beyond that.

A well-designed cabinet is:

  • durable
  • stylish
  • practical
  • reflective of the surround space

Can you imagine a kitchen without a matching set of cabinets where you store your dishes, plates, and cutlery?

Or a bathroom without a vanity cabinet where you put your cosmetic products or towels?

Sounds odd, doesn’t it?

That’s why we offer not only the best quality cabinets, but also a wide range of designs to fit your everyday needs perfectly!

There’s something more to our cabinets

There’s something more to our cabinets

Having a neatly installed set of cabinets is not just about having a few pieces of furniture where you can store things; it’s about the feeling of comfort as well.

An extravagant, or even a simple but classic set of cabinets can elevate the atmosphere of an interior and add great value to your home.

As professionals who have worked with a great number of clients, we know that in addition to functionality, aesthetics, durability and easy maintenance are also key characteristics of the perfect cabinetry.

Every homeowner has their specific sense of style and we do our best to reflect their personality and taste in their cabinetry too.

We want to provide you with cabinets that will make spending time in the kitchen or bathroom a pleasing experience and not a struggle.

Find your own style!

Find your own style!

We know that everyone who wants new cabinets wants something different, something new from what they already have in their homes. This is why we offer various cabinet styles at Simple Living Kitchen & Bath.

Are you a fan of the farmhouse look?

Then you’re going to love our rustic kitchen cabinets – whether you like a classic wood cabinet with a natural glaze or a painted one that exudes old-time countryside charm, you will find your match.

Want something more contemporary?

We provide modern European-style cabinets that are timeless and simple, yet elegant lines and fine materials never go off trend.

And of course, our selection wouldn’t be complete without the transitional style Shaker cabinets that are so popular.

Whether you like clean lines and a smooth surface or something more detailed, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Only the best materials and the best quality

Only the best materials and the best quality

To provide you with the best cabinet remodels, we work only with the finest woods and materials.

What’s wonderful about wood is that it’s natural, warm and cozy, just like the home we all want.

All of them have unique patterns, textures and shades of color, and they look amazing even when painted!

We only work with high quality hardwood and specialty laminate materials because we believe that good cabinetry is supposed to be decorative yet durable to withstand everyday use.

Add value to your home with our premium quality cabinets!

Add value to your home with our premium quality cabinets!

Are you renovating, and would like to modernize your kitchen and/or bathroom?

Or maybe you are about to sell your home, and you’d like to raise its value by adding a brand-new look to these two important rooms?

If you are, contact us, and tell us what you are dreaming of!

Fill out the Contact Us form today, or schedule an appointment to our showroom, to see the best kitchen & bathroom cabinet models available in Gainesville for yourself!