Specialty laminate – the perfect solution for a modern kitchen

Specialty laminate – the perfect solution for a modern kitchen

Do you like contemporary design?

Then it’s time to show off your fantastic taste and passion for modern solutions in your kitchen!

Specialty laminate cabinets offer you a great variety of door styles and finishes – you really just have to mix and match to give your kitchen a personalized touch.

With a bit of creativity and our high-quality products, you can turn your kitchen into a spot in your house where everyone will enjoy spending their time.

What is specialty laminate?

The term laminate is used for a type of surfacing that is created by pressing paper and a type of plastic resin together with high-temperature heat: the laminate coating hardens on the surface of the base material of the cabinet and forms a durable and decorative protective layer which is resistant to chipping, denting and scratching.

Laminate is a very flexible and diverse material that can appear on cabinets, countertops, floors and even walls. 

What are its main benefits?

Specialty laminate cabinets are:

  • resilient to everyday impacts,
  • easy to clean and maintain,
  • come in a wide range of patterns,
  • and not prone to color change and fading as a result of UV exposure.

When planning your renovation with specialty laminate cabinets, it’s also worth to take into account that they could have sharper edges than hardwood cabinets and they are usually heavier too.

The devil lies in the details

The devil lies in the details

European-style laminate kitchen cabinets with sleek and elegant full overlay slab doors (as pictured above) are wonderful modern additions to a contemporary kitchen.

Specialty laminate offers you great diversity and adaptability: it can perfectly imitate wood grain without the cost of real wood, but if you wish for a fresh stylish look, you can also choose from monochrome high-gloss and matt variations.

In addition to this, we also offer a huge selection of cabinet hardware (door handles and knobs) to match each taste and style.

Need help with your kitchen remodel?

Whether you’re just looking for the ideal material for your new kitchen cabinets or you’re planning a complete remodel, we are here to help you!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, or visit our showroom in Gainesville, FL!