Rustic kitchen designs and why we adore them so much

Rustic kitchen designs and why we adore them so much

You don’t have to live in the countryside to have a warm, cozy and rustic feeling in your home.

In fact, there are many simple elements with which you can achieve a vintage farmhouse look even if you own an apartment in a bustling city: natural materials such as wood or stone, shiplap walls, exposed beams and artificially distressed furniture can all contribute to the rustic look that more and more homeowners are seeking.

Sometimes all you need to do is go to a flea market or a vintage sale to find your ideal furniture, but other times you may not be able to find the perfect pieces for your dream home.

That’s when we come into the picture to offer you premium quality rustic style kitchen cabinets.

Fitting a rustic kitchen into a big city home

Fitting a rustic kitchen into a big city home

Rustic kitchens are popular for a good reason: you can get the feeling of the countryside or the warmth of your grandmother’s kitchen without having to drive out of the city for long hours.

Another reason for the popularity of rustic kitchens is that they just look great anywhere – in loft apartments, condos, cabins or actual farmhouses.

The kitchen above mixes bright mint green, a modern black kitchen island and textured cabinets – simple yet charming, this kitchen space is a perfect example of urban rustic.

Paired with some industrial accents like stainless steel hardware or dark countertops, your rustic kitchen can become a perfect fusion of vintage and contemporary.

Repurposed objects are part of the decor in rustic kitchens, so with some creativity you can turn second-hand items into eye-catching, one of a kind design elements.

Rustic designs usually use a light palette with splashes of color and the stunning texture of wood which adds extra personality to any city apartment.

Choosing cabinets for a rustic kitchen

Choosing cabinets for a rustic kitchen

Rustic kitchen cabinets are usually made out of real hardwood, with the wood grain and characteristic knots visible thanks to a natural finish that ironically makes the cabinets look “unfinished”.

On the other hand, many homeowners prefer to use painted wood cabinets, often intentionally distressing the paint later on for an antique look.

Nature inspired colors such as blues, greens and browns and barn red are the most sought-after when it comes to painted cabinets.

Exposed shelving is also a popular feature of rustic kitchens – a great opportunity to show off all your pots and vintage porcelain sets.

As for cabinet hardware, brass can go a long way due to its aging process.

Haven’t found your ideal rustic cabinet yet?

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