How to properly maintain your painted kitchen cabinets

How to properly maintain your painted kitchen cabinets

Regular maintenance is the key to a longer lifespan when it comes to painted kitchen cabinetry.

Just think about it: kitchen cabinets usually have to withstand a high level of physical and chemical impact, including steam, oil, higher humidity levels and all sorts of detergents.

These are the most common things that can really speed up the aging process of any type of wood, so we have to protect them as much as we can.

There are many methods to keep the wood protected, lamination being the most popular of all, but what if you want something else?

Painting furniture is one of the most ancient ways to protect wood from external effects and we have to admit, there is some kind of beauty in it.

And here is the next and most important question: how can we properly maintain painted kitchen cabinets?

The use of paint

First of all, what really matters is what kind of paint is used on the surface of kitchen cabinets.

You can’t just paint them with a simple layer of spray paint and expect it to be resistant forever.

The reason for this is that spray paint is simply not thick enough and doesn’t give any protection to the wood, only a decorative color.

If you really want to have protective painting on your kitchen furniture, you have to apply several layers of dense paint.

There are many types of water and oil-based paints that can do the job, but make sure you use only ONE of the two.

If you combine them, the cabinet’s surface can end up blistered, and you’ll have to start the whole procedure all over again.

But is the paint enough on its own, or will the cabinets need any further protection?

The maintenance of painted surfaces

The maintenance of painted surfaces

Some paints are especially made for wooden or plywood surfaces, and they harden up quite well as they dry – cabinets finished with this kind of paint usually don’t need any extra protection.

But if you use any other kind of paint, you’ll obviously need to apply a stain-sealant combination to make the cabinets moisture-resistant.

Because if you don’t protect the wood from steam and moisture in general, it’s like signing the death warrant of a cabinet.

The pieces can get warped, the material can start to rot, and it can start to mold.

If you want to enjoy your beautiful set of painted kitchen cabinets for a long time, you’ll have to pay attention and make sure the protective layer is intact and functioning.

How can you maintain painted cabinets?

If you’re skillful enough, you can maintain your kitchen cabinets with these simple, yet important steps.

  • You can repaint the cabinet doors from time to time.
  • You can repair smaller cracks in the wood by using glue or wood putty.
  • You can carefully remove paint by using sandpaper then reapply it.
  • Be careful not to scratch or damage the surface of the cabinets or the countertop and avoid using corrosive chemicals while cleaning.

If you are not sure how to take care of all these things yourself, feel free to contact us!

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