How long does a kitchen remodel really take?

How long does a kitchen remodel really take?

Good work takes time, and so does a professional kitchen remodel.

Depending on the scope of the project, a remodel can take anywhere between 2 weeks and several months.

We know it sounds like a long time, but it’s something that you really shouldn’t rush.

We’ve noticed that some homeowners may have unrealistic expectations about how long a kitchen remodel really takes.

To spare you from any disappointment concerning your future project, here’s our little guide to how long an average kitchen remodel takes, and what unexpected circumstances can delay the completion of your remodel.

How long does a remodel take at Simple Living Kitchen & Bath?

The first step is finding the right contractor and planning for the remodel at your own pace.

An experienced contractor can help you with the design process, find you the right solutions and give you ideas to make the best out of your kitchen.

This happens during the in-home consultation, which typically takes about an hour.

Once we’ve discussed your plan and have an idea about the scope of the project, we will prepare a quote for you in approximately 48 hours.

Once the quote is accepted, we will present you with a 3D rendering, where we walk you through the space and answer any more detailed questions you might have.  

The next step is ordering the materials for your project: this can be a lengthy process, as some materials may take weeks to arrive.

The duration of the installation itself also depends on the size of the job – a basic cabinet install can be done in a day, but more complex jobs can take weeks.

In short, expect your basic remodel to be finished about 2 weeks from the construction start date, but if your project is more complex, be aware that it can take a couple months.

What factors can delay the process?

What factors can delay the process?

Unexpected delays can occur even in the most meticulously planned kitchen remodel.

Changing the layout of the kitchen requires a lot of extra work (moving the plumbing, electrical, gas, and/or removing walls), that can extend the project duration.

Mid-project change orders can contribute to a significant delay and a change in your budget too.

An inexperienced contractor may give you an inaccurate time frame for your project, which will give you unrealistic expectations, so it’s always better to take your time to find a competent, well-trained contractor to avoid such inconvenience.

Looking for a trustworthy remodeler who will finish your project on time?

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