Get the best of both worlds with a transitional kitchen design

Get the best of both worlds with a transitional kitchen design

Transitional style has been the most popular kitchen design trend in recent years, and it’s expected to remain so in the upcoming years too.

Looking at this cozy transitional kitchen in the picture above, it is no wonder why: the elegant, modest Shaker cabinets are in a spectacular contrast with the kitchen island’s splash of deep green color, and the glossy white surface of the waterfall countertop.

All this is topped off with a refined mosaic backsplash and modern lighting fixtures to create a stylish ambivalence that’s traditional, but at the same time contemporary.

The greatest thing about transitional style kitchens is that they leave you plenty of room for experimenting with new colors, textures and ideas, so you don’t need to pigeonhole your kitchen as being one definite style.

Even though all transitional kitchens are different - basically it’s almost impossible to create two identical transitional kitchens – there are certain elements that all these kitchens might have in common.

So, let’s see what sets them apart from traditional and contemporary kitchens.

A perfect blend of different styles

A perfect blend of different styles

If a part of you says “rustic” when looking at this beautiful white kitchen, you are partially correct!

The exposed beams on the ceiling, the baby blue pantry and the light color theme are all elements of the rustic style.

The classic white Shaker cabinets are a staple in the transitional style as well as the highly practical country sink.

In transitional kitchens, the versatility of the furniture is a key factor.

Cabinets tend to be low-key and less ornamented with clean lines to avoid clutter and support the more dynamic decorative accessories of the kitchen.

Painted in a neutral color, Shaker or raised-panel cabinets are the most popular cabinet types in this style.

How do I create my own transitional kitchen?

How do I create my own transitional kitchen?

As transitional style is a mix of old and new, there’s an opportunity for you to embrace new trends while still keeping a cozy rustic feeling in your kitchen.

Keep your wooden cabinets simple but feel free to experiment with lighting fixtures, cabinet hardware and backsplashes.

Geometric patterned backsplashes can add a contemporary touch to a transitional kitchen.

No need to shy away from colors either: feel free to add a splash of bright blue, green or even yellow!

Transitional design also features many different textures together like wood, glass, marble, and even stainless steel.

This super-versatile style is also the most suitable for an open concept kitchen.

Design your own transitional kitchen with us!

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