Elegant, luxurious and functional: traditional kitchen cabinets

Elegant, luxurious and functional: traditional kitchen cabinets

Intriguing details and old time elegance – that’s just one way to describe traditional-style kitchen furniture.

If you’ve ever stepped into a traditional kitchen, you know exactly how charming and exclusive those beautiful carved cabinets, arches and rich wood tones can look.

No wonder that in spite of the rising popularity of transitional and contemporary kitchens, many homeowners still favor traditional design.

Traditional” in this sense doesn’t mean that your home has to look like an flashy 18th century French mansion; in fact, behind all those details and ornaments in traditional-style kitchens lies functionality and a sort of purity.

Let’s dive into why traditional kitchen cabinets can be a perfect choice even for modern homes!

Cabinets that radiate quality

Cabinets that radiate quality

Traditional kitchen cabinet designs are easy to recognize by their intricate details (such as decorative legs, crown and under cabinet moldings, graceful arches and corbels) and their classy appearance.

Raised panels and open shelving behind elegant glass doors are very common features of this style as you can also spot on these gorgeous cherry cabinets pictured above.

Such perfectly crafted embellishments may remind us of the centuries-old tradition of European wood carving: they give you the feeling that you are in fact not just looking at ordinary storage units, but luxurious antique furniture.

These cabinets are usually (but not exclusively) made of hardwood with deep, dark finishes that highlight the natural grain of the wood while also giving the cabinets an expensive, antique appearance.

Detailed brass, copper or bronze hardware can seamlessly complement your traditional kitchen cabinets.

The color palette of a traditional kitchen

The color palette of a traditional kitchen

For a more contemporary look you can blend the traditional cabinet style with just about any color and finish that pleases your eyes.

It’s a common misconception that traditional kitchens must be dark, which is proven wrong by this elegant white kitchen resembling the French countryside.

The traditional quality of this kitchen lies in the details – the scrolled corbels, legs and the graceful raised panels of the cabinets.

Generally speaking, traditional kitchens tend to favor neutral wall colors like beige, pale yellow, cream and white as these colors create harmony whether they are paired with dark stained cabinets or light painted ones.

These neutral colors simply bring more light to the kitchen.

Try to keep your backsplashes simple and rather opt for tiles with no pattern as there are enough decorative elements around the cabinets - a flashy backsplash can make the space feel overwhelming.

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