Contemporary cabinets for a kitchen that exudes class

Contemporary cabinets for a kitchen that exudes class

A contemporary home needs a contemporary kitchen, but what exactly do you need to keep in mind to get one?

First things first, let’s define what contemporary style means.

Contemporary doesn’t necessarily mean modern; it simply stands for the current prevalent trends in design and decor.

As a contemporary kitchen can blend various styles together, you can effortlessly mix and match all your favorite design elements.

The recipe for a contemporary kitchen

The recipe for a contemporary kitchen

The most important characteristics of a contemporary kitchen are sleek lines, bold, unexpected colors, minimalist accessories, simplicity and a sense of utilitarianism.

Contemporary designs make good use of the space available, making the kitchen appear brighter, bigger and uncluttered, often hiding appliances in drawers or behind cabinet doors.

The greatest thing about such designs is that you can go as eclectic as you wish with mixing different textures, colors and materials and creating contrasts between your flooring, cabinets, countertops and backsplashes.

The contemporary style also likes to make use of “industrial” materials such as stainless steel or concrete in a completely new way: it’s not uncommon in this style to match natural wooden cabinets with metallic backsplashes.

What kind of cabinets fit into this design scheme?

What kind of cabinets fit into this design scheme?

Tall frameless cabinets with clean lines reaching right up to the ceiling fit perfectly into a contemporary kitchen.

Elegant European-style slab cabinet doors paired with minimalist hardware (or no hardware at all) will give you that desired spotless and stylish look, since there’s nothing to drive the attention away from the stunning natural grain of the material.

This way the smooth surface of a no-hardware slab door is not only perfectly streamlined but also easier to clean.

When it comes to colors, you can play around as much as you want: from transparent glaze to bright colored paint and high gloss finish, everything goes in a contemporary kitchen.

If you’re in love with these minimalist cabinets but can’t afford a full-on remodel, the good news is that contemporary style kitchen cabinets can also give a modern and eccentric twist to any style of kitchen, be it rustic or traditional.

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