Add value to your kitchen with these DIY tips

Add value to your kitchen with these DIY tips

Are you interested in redesigning your kitchen, but not looking for a full remodeling project?

These small DIY changes in your kitchen are great ways to add even more the value to your home.

Let’s see the list!

1. Upgrade your cabinet hardware

Upgrade your cabinet hardware

If you are looking for a smaller but still visible change, you should start with your hardware on your kitchen cabinets; a rather inexpensive change compared to the value it will bring to your home.

Changing up handles on your existing cabinets seems like a very simple and minor task, but the difference it brings to your kitchen can be substantial.

It can immediately jazz up the look and vibe your kitchen gives, resulting in a high-end feel on a low price.

2. Change or upgrade your current kitchen colors

Change or upgrade your current kitchen colors

Are you bored of the kitchen you have, but you don’t want to change the whole floorplan?

Bringing in some new colors and styles will make you feel like you have a completely new kitchen.

Painting your cabinets to a different color can enhance your overall feel of the space, as well as bring some excitement into it.

Add some contrast!

Go for an all-white look to complement your countertops or choose a modern and unusual color – the choice is all yours.

Pro tip: we already dove into the different styles of cabinetry in our blog, check out our posts for some inspiration on styles and colors.

3. Add more lighting

Add more lighting

Bright spaces are always more welcoming than dark and dull ones – and a welcoming kitchen is the heart of the home.

Adding the right lighting to your room can brighten up even the darkest cabinet colors.

Start with some under-cabinet LED light bars, or rope lights.

Make sure that your lights are not just aesthetic, but also serving their purpose – which is to make food-prep easier.

Ensuring that your lighting is functional is your ultimate goal in the process.

Changing up your light bulbs, choosing a brighter lampshade, or switching to pendants above your kitchen island also improve the overall feel of the room.

Another great option is to use light dimmers that you can adjust to your preference.

Please only consider adding lighting to your home yourself if the job does not require close contact with wires and electricity, or if you are a trained professional.

If you don’t have training, make sure you ask for a professional’s help in the process.

4. Organize, organize and organize

Organize, organize and organize

Interior designers cannot stress enough how important it is to organize your home according to how you use it – and we couldn’t agree more.

Your kitchen is probably the most used space in your home, even if it is only the center of your gatherings and otherwise you prefer to eat out most of the time.

A cluttered kitchen could bring more stress than comfort and happiness in your home, so decluttering and deep cleaning is essential for any improvement.

There are multiple ways to create organizational systems in your home:

  • create zones
  • use clear and labeled containers
  • keep your gadgets and tools close to where you use them
  • add shelving
  • keep your countertop-space clean and neat
  • try to utilize your space as much as possible

This DIY tip will definitely take some time, but the end result is absolutely worth it.

5. Kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodel

We left kitchen remodels as the last item in the list because the process will require the most investment of your time and money, but it will also bring about the most significant change in your home.

Since full kitchen remodels are very complicated and require professional help in most cases, we would recommend only doing small changes yourself.

For example, adding backsplashes or upgrading your flooring could be a great way to get into the DIY spirit.

A new tiling, or adding prints to your already existing tiles, are relatively low-risk projects that change the aesthetics of your kitchen without the gamble of a DIY disaster.

However, if you are looking for bigger changes, it is very important to consult professionals, because trust us – fixing a botched kitchen remodel is going to be much more costly than working with a great professional team from the beginning.                          

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