Add more functionality to your small kitchen within the same footprint

Add more functionality to your small kitchen within the same footprint

Not everyone is blessed with a spacious kitchen, but it certainly doesn’t mean that smaller kitchens can’t be functional and stylish.

You don’t necessarily have to break down walls or completely reorganize your kitchen space to make your ideas work.

With the help of an experienced contractor, and some smart storage ideas, you can optimize your cabinet space and create a practical and comfortable kitchen that can serve all your needs, regardless of the space available.

So let’s see how you can add extra functionality to your small kitchen without enlarging its footprint!

Practical storage solutions with custom cabinets

Custom cabinetry helps you maximize storage potential without wasting any space, as it’s designed to match the layout of your kitchen perfectly.

Whether you need deep cabinets with shelving to store all your pots and pans, or hide your appliances, or pull-out drawers to house smaller items like spices and cutlery, a contractor can tailor your cabinets to your needs.

In extremely small kitchens you can also opt for invisible integrated handles so that there wouldn’t be any bars and knobs poking out of your cabinets as you walk past them.

Rethink your kitchen island

Rethink your kitchen island

You would think that adding an island to your small kitchen is no way to save space, but in reality it’s an extremely helpful tool to add more storage.

Your island can double as an extra countertop and eating area.

A two-tier kitchen island can function as a dining table, while a free standing island with wheels can be rolled out of the way anytime you don’t need it.

If your kitchen is too narrow for an island, you can still make use of a blank wall by installing a simple floating table.

Maximize your space with double duty items

Expandable kitchen tables and pull-out cutting boards allow you to have more food prep areas without having to permanently sacrifice free space.

By getting a sink with a cover not only you’ll be able to hide your dirty dishes, but you can also use the cover as an extra countertop.

Make your kitchen visually bigger with the right lighting

Even the tiniest kitchen can feel spacious if it has abundant light, especially if that light is natural.

If you have the possibility, try enlarging your windows to create a more open space.

In case your kitchen doesn’t have access to direct natural light, installing under-cabinet LED lights is a perfect solution to give you plenty of light while preparing food.

A stylish contemporary pendant light paired with these under-cabinet lights will certainly make your small kitchen look more spacious and welcoming.

Upgrade your kitchen with us

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, Simple Living Kitchen & Bath can help you rethink and reconfigure your kitchen layout without changing the footprint.

Let us make the best out of the space available and add functionality and style to your kitchen!

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